External Design Droid Bionic Motorola

While the Motorola Bionic has conserved the overall silhouette of the Droid X family, but the Droid Bionic’s front benefits from the Photon 4G design. This means that it has smooth edges on the display’s glass and a metallic skeleton all around the screen. Other manufacturers like LG and Samsung are using a similar design on their high-end phones and I believe that this started with the LG Optimus 2X.

Rigidity: I noticed that the Motorola Bionic has a design that provides more rigidity to the frame, thanks to a metal frame that encapsulate more of the body. The Bionic has a slightly different construction, and I can bend the Bionic’s frame slightly if I twist the phone, but I think that it would actually be hard to break (I don’t want to try too hard).

Thickness: Just like other Motorola phones, the Critical Apps Motorola Droid Bionic is not really thin, but in the world of 4G LTE phones, being a bit thicker is the norm. The HTC Thunderbolt would be the biggest and heaviest with a weight of 164g. Interestingly, the Droid Charge For  Motorola Droid Bionic is lighter (142g), but I somehow remember that it felt bulkier in my hand.

Smart Phone Motorola Droid Bionic its New Droid “design language”: Overall, I’m glad that Motorola Bionic has updated its phone design. I have criticized the Droid X2 for its lack of progress on that front, and it’s a relief to see that the changes induced by the Photon 4G seem to be spreading to other phones. Leave a comment at the end of the review to tell me what you think of the Droid Bionic design.

Ports: On the left side, you can see the USB and micro-HDMI ports. They can be used independently, or jointly with the Multimedia dock, or a special Motorola adapter. When used jointly, the Motorola Bionic Manufacture  can enter into Webtop mode which transforms the smartphone into a miniature Linux computer that can use a mouse and keyboard (wired or Bluetooth). We’ll get back to that later. Because the USB port is on the side, it gets in the way if you try using the phone while charging it at the same time – especially if you are left-handed.