Facebook For Droid Bionic Motorola

Facebook For Droid Bionic Motorola (very good): there are two ways of using Facebook. First, you can simply download the app, and use it like you would with any other smartphone. It works reasonably well, and gets the job done easily. Droid Bionic Facebook By Motorola It may be sometime a bit annoying when you are waiting for the notifications or messages to update, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary there.

Facebook For Droid Bionic Motorola The second way of using it, is trough the MotoBlur Social Network widget. It pulls fresh content in the background so you won’t have to wait for the refresh, and the widget content is big enough to see what’s going on, but also big enough to “like” or “reply” directly. I’m usually not a big fan of widgets, but this is actually pretty cool as you won’t have to launch yet another app to reply. On top of this, the widget doesn’t seem to be slow, or slow down the phone in a noticeable way (unlike the FB app…). Droid Bionic Motorola Now, I’m not sure what the impact on battery life is, but in theory the MotoBlur centralized approach to notification updates should be better than anything that pulls content from many networks to the phone.